Waffle Cakes

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Need a fun treat idea that is sure to be a hit?  Try making WAFFLE CAKES!

First of all, they're darn cute and super easy! Who doesn't love waffles? Jazz them up and have a fun breakfast for the kids or brunch with your girlfriends! They'd also be so fun at a baby shower or really whenever! There are also endless options of how to create waffle cakes. Today I made a few varieties I'll share with you! I've linked the waffle iron I used here. It does a great job!

For my first waffle cake, I decided to go with the classic waffle with whipped cream, and berries.

My second option was chocolate waffles (I just added about 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to the waffle batter), whipped cream, and mini chocolate chips.

My third option is for those sweet tooths!

I used the Harvest Mix Cadbury Eggs (if you know me at all, you know I'm obsessed with these), mini chocolate chips, candy corn and whipped cream. 


Talk about SWEET! So Yummy and perfect for Halloween! The kids especially loved this one. 


Creating a waffle cake is really easy.  I like to keep things pretty simple, and just add whipped cream and toppings between each layer of whatever flavor waffle you desire. You can get creative with jams, fancy syrups, various berries and candies!  I have even seen a few ice cream waffle cakes, where each layer is filled with ice cream!  

Waffle Cakes need to be served immediately once you have added the whipped cream and toppings! I also found it helpful to let the waffles cool slightly before adding the whipped cream to help prevent it from melting. If you wanted to plan ahead, you could make a bunch of waffles and freeze them until you are ready to serve. If the waffles you create are small enough to fit in your toaster, I have found that method to work really well. It's like a DIY version of Eggo waffles!

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Thanks so much for reading! Happy baking friends!



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