Summer Table Setting

I love any reason to dress a table! Summertime is a great time to have family and friends over. I worked with Walmart to create a fun table setting for a Summer gathering! I have linked as many products as I could to this blog post. You can also follow me on my Like to Know It page to shop this look and other pieces I love.

When setting a table for a gathering it helps to have various, textures, patterns, and levels to make it appealing to the eye! 

You can add different heights by using cake stands, baskets, pitchers with flowers or greenery, different sized lanternstiered serving stands, small wooden crates etc. to give the table various levels. 

I like working with neutrals and then adding pops of color in through food, flowers, plants, or even dishware. I worked with a base of black and white using these buffalo check placemats, and table runner. I added pops of color by adding some jade bowls, jade salt and pepper shakers and gold silverware. The cherries and lemons are also a nice addition to add little color to the table.

When I saw these gold utensils at Walmart I think my heart skipped a beat and I knew it would perfectly compliment this table setting!

The cloth napkins were such a great deal! I added wooden napkin rings to tie in the wood and rattan pieces on the table. 

I love the glass cups! They have a classic look, are a great size and under $1! (I believe they're only sold in store). The glass drink dispenser is adorable too and under $13! You can't see it in the picture but it has a wooden handle which I think was the perfect touch!

 The striped mugs, bowls and spotted plates with the gold edging steal the show in my opinion! I just love the pattern on them, and they look so classy! I about cleared out the shelves with those pieces because once again the prices were so good being under $5!

Get togethers with friends and family are always more fun when there's good food! I wanted my Summer gathering to be sweet and fresh!  Walmart has a great selection of yummy treats!  I added mini berry pies (they were only 50 cents each), cookies, lemon glazed pound cake, blueberry muffins, cherries,  blueberries, and lemon water. 

I had so much fun creating a fun Summer table with Walmart! I hope you're having a wonderful Summer and enjoying time with those you love! 

I have compiled as many links as I could here!

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