Linen Closet Organization

This post is sponsored by Walmart. 

I always love working with Walmart because they have the cutest things and such great prices!

First of all let me admit that I am totally guilty of hiding my mess and lack of organization behind closed doors! Can ya relate? I'm hoping to break that cycle and get these spaces whipped into shape one at a time!

Today I focused on our linen closet that has been neglected for far too long! It's a tad embarrassing to even show the chaos that is this closet, but here it is in all its glory! Yikes! Right? 


We really don't need all of that stuff! It has been building up for years! There were so many sheet sets that we weren't utilizing, and towels from long long ago! Lots of those towels should have been ditched a long time ago! It is time for a fresh start!

If you are in the market for some new sheets, I found some really great options I'll link below. Did you know Gap has a new line of products at Walmart? So exciting! (Click on the image to be taken to the website).


Once I removed everything from the closet, I decided to give it a fresh coat of paint. This is one of the last spaces in our home that hasn't been repainted since we moved in about 7 years ago! This poor closet has been so neglected! Not for much longer though!

I had some leftover white paint that I used to give it a fresh new look! It clearly still needs another coat or two in this picture, but it's already looking better!

While the paint was drying I went through all the stuff that I took out of the closet. It was time to decide if it was worth putting back, or if it was time to trash it or donate it. I only wanted to bring in what was currently serving our family. We did not need all that stuff!

Once I had concluded what was staying, I needed a system to organize it. I went to Walmart to find some storage containers and fresh new towels because Walmart's Home department has some amazing things! 

I grabbed various storage containers to store towels, washcloths, toilet paper, sheets, linen sprays, and even some of my aprons and pretty kitchen towels. 

I even bought these new towels because most of our old ones were looking a little too dingy to go back into the closet. 

Here are a few other towel set options I really liked! (Click on the image to be taken to the website).


Someone recently taught me a great way to organize sheets. Once you've "folded" your sheets (I add the quotes around the word folded because I'm not sure my methods qualify as folding), but anyways once they're folded, you store them together in the pillow case! How had I not known about this amazing method? So there ya go, that will save you lots of space and keep them all organized together.

I have linked a bunch of the items I used in this post here plus some other really  cute storage solutions from Walmart!

If you like seeing the magic of things transform right before your eyes, you can watch this linen closet makeover come to life here in video form! Happy Organizing!

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