Light Makeover & Shop the Look: Guest Room

I have been working on kicking all those boob lights to the curb! Do you have them in your house too? Ya know what I'm talking about right? I just want to know who thought they looked good in the first place, and why are builders still putting them in homes to this day! So many questions! My apologies if you're a fan of these lights! To each their own! :) Anyhow, I took our old dining room light that had been sitting in storage and gave it a little face lift with spray paint. My favorite paint to use is Rustoleum 2X Coverage. I used the flat black. You can join me here for more home decor and DIY ideas!

This is the light before I painted it. I wanted to give it a more classic and modern look, so spray paint to the rescue! 

Now check it out after a few coats of spray paint! I just LOVE spray paint! 

And here's a pic of the light before I swapped it out if you're wondering why I'm referring to these lights as "boob lights". You see it too right? 

Crazy what adding a new light fixture to a space can do right?!

 You can shop the look of this space below. I've added link to these products or similar products. You can also follow me here on my Like to Know it Page! 



Oversized Oblong Texture Stripe Decorative Throw Pillow Natural - Threshold™

Console Table, White

Soild Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers 

Small Round Wooden Side Table

Rattan Wall Mirror

Another Rattan Wall Mirror option

Black Metal Round Side Table

Wooden Floor Lamp

Eucalyptus Stems

Terracotta Vase

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