Simple porch decor for Halloween

I’ll admit it, Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays, and typically I haven’t done much to decorate for it in the past. Each year I hear about it from my kids, so I figured I better put a little more effort into it this year. I decided I could jazz up our front porch for the littles this year. This was a quick and easy way to satisfy the kids, and it was cheap! I’m all for a good money saving deal! Click this link for more details! I found these witch hats for under $2 at Walmart, and just fed fishing line through the top of them using a sewing needle. I was able to tie a little hole at the top of the fishing line, where I then pinned it to the ceiling of my porch using flat head push pin. Easy Peasy! Kid’s are happy and that was actually kind of fun!



How I made the floating Witch Hats Click Here


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