Easy Ways To Bring Christmas Into Your Home

It's time to hang your stockings and decorate your tree because Christmas is here again! Can you believe it's just days away? I'm excited to be sharing lots of festive ways to decorate your home for the holidays, including a simple DIY that will make your home smell like heaven on earth!

The fireplace is a symbolic and meaningful space in our home, especially during the holiday season for our family. It's where we gather to watch Christmas movies and sip hot chocolate on the chilly winter nights. It’s where we open gifts and play games. It’s the one place in the home that represents our kids’ excitement knowing that Santa is coming soon! There are lots of different and creative ways to layer when it comes to the mantel- start with tall candlesticks or trees followed by bottle brush trees of all shapes and sizes. Then, drape your garland and hang your stockings! Since Jesus is the reason for the season, I love putting our wooden “Oh come let us adore Him” sign up each year, making it the center of attention!

This is my mantle from last year. I loved decorating in shades of pink.


My goal for our front porch is always cozy and festive! I love adding a "home sweet home" kind of feel to an exterior space. I want our home to be welcoming, especially during the holidays. For example, adding items that are typically indoor pieces to your outdoor scene will make the space more unique and inviting during the Christmas season!

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and go against the Christmas decor "norm"! Get creative and hang wreaths in places you might not expect to see them. Whether it's above the microwave, on an outdoor fire place, a blank space on a wall, above your bed or on the back of a dining room chair, there are so many festive ways to decorate with wreaths! I absolutely love adding pops of green anywhere I can.

As a mom of 6, I want my kids to grow up in bedrooms that they will remember forever. I want them to always know that they have a safe place to call home and come back to when they're old enough to be on their own. I think the kids' rooms are some of my very favorite rooms in the house to decorate for Christmas. The more lights and trees, the merrier!


 How fun is this modern wrapping paper? The different colors and patterns really lighten the mood! You’re probably wondering how you’re going to get all that gift wrapping done so early, but don’t fret! Grab a few empty boxes and wrap them up with pretty wrapping paper and a bow. Add depth by stacking them under the tree and by the fire. You’ll even have your guests tricked into thinking you’re way ahead of the game this year, ha! It makes for pretty decor.


This Stovetop Potpourri will make your home smell so good!

What are the holidays without a festive and simple DIY project to spruce things up? 

These are the perfect gifts this time of year! Someone made one for me last year and I loved it. You pour all this beautiful goodness into a pot on your stove and simmer on low.  It makes your home smells divine! You can make this for yourself just by adding everything directly to the pot on your stove, or you can create it in a jar and give it to your friends for Christmas.

You’ll need:

•Mason jar. You can use any size you’d like, just fill it up!

•Orange Slices ( I used 3-4)

•Lemon Slices (I used about 3)

•Cranberries (fill to your hearts delight) I used about 1/2 cup.)

•Rosemary leaves (I used 3-4)

•Cinnamon Sticks (I used 3-4)

•Whole Cloves (I just sprinkled some in ( about 1 1/2 tsps.)

You really can’t go wrong with this! 

Then fill the jar with water, just under the top. I cut out some wrapping paper and glued it to the lid to fancy it up.

You could also use some cute fabric. Tie it off with a bow and you’ve made the perfect gift that will make your friends homes smell lovely!

I love these because they’re fast, easy to make, so dang pretty and smell

so scrumptious! I’m not much of a label maker but if you are, you could add a cute label with the instructions to pour the jar into a pan on the stove and simmer. (If the water evaporates a bit, you can add a little extra to the pan. Enjoy!

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