Back to School Lunches Made EASY

We all know how chaotic those school mornings can be, right? I know it can't just be our family! Granted we have 6 kids we need to get out the door, but no matter how many kids you have, it can still feel like madness! Kids shouting, "Where's my shoes?" Mom yelling "Grab a jacket" Kid thinking it's sunny so it's got to be warm out, so they don't need a jacket...debate begins, meanwhile another kid is just rolling out of bed even though you told them to get up an hour ago and now it's time to get in the car! Phew! Okay that might be a little dramatic, but really not that farfetched. We've definitely had mornings like that in our house! SO, the last thing I want to worry about is what to make the kids for lunch! You too? Okay, we're on the same page and having a game plan helps! I will admit I wish I was more on top of this, but when I am it sure makes a big difference and helps our morning run more smoothly.


Prep the kids lunches ahead of time and keep them in the fridge for an easy grab and go option. One idea could be having a variety of lunch options organized in baggies stored in a clear container so the kids could pick things out for themself, or you can prep individual lunches in containers that are packed and ready to grab and go!

I like to use these containers because they have a clear lid that clicks on really nice and tight, and I can see what's inside. They also stack really nicely which helps to conserve space in the fridge.


I also like using these silicone baking cups to separate food items.


They are reusable and washable. They're also great if you want to add some dips like ranch, nutella, hummus, peanut butter etc.


If you're concerned about things becoming soggy, I would suggest wrapping them in plastic wrap.

Here are a few easy lunch ideas:

The famous PB&J (If your kids don't like the crust, you can use this handy thing I found on Amazon.


It works great to create your own Uncrustables! It also awesome to cut cheese and lunch meat into circles to create your own Luncahbles. Bagel Sandwiches, Bagels and cream cheese, Mini sandwiches using Hawaiin Rolls, rolled Up Turkey and Ham, Wraps, Cobb Salad, Yogurt and granola are also some more ideas.

Snacks and Sides Ideas:

Fruit Cabobs, Rice Cakes, dried fruit like apple and banana chips & raisins or apricots, fresh fruit, veggies like baby carrots, celery sticks and peanut butter, sliced cucumber or sugar snap peas, pretzel sticks, popcorn, crackers like Cheez It's or Goldfish, GoGurt, hardboiled egg, and apple sauce cups or pouches.

This set comes with some skewers that are great to keep the lunch meat rolled up and are also great for fruit cabobs. It also comes with a variety of other fun options, like eyeballs and cute animals you can add to your kid's food in their lunch to make it a little more fun and exciting).


It can feel like a lot to keep on top of all the meals especially meals on the go! If you can designate a day of the week for prep, it will save you lots of time on those crazy mornings. Another way I make life a little easier on myself is ordering my groceries online. We do most of our grocery shopping through Costco and Walmart. I signed up to be a Walmart+ member over a year ago and have LOVED the benefit of having my groceries delivered to my front door. I can make a list and menu then pop onto the app and place my order without having to leave the house! It's magnificent! I'll link the details here, if you'd like to check it out! 



I've gathered up some other school lunch options from Amazon here! So, if you're needing a lunch box, ice packs to keep things cool, or containers to pack the food in, I've got you covered!


If you're still in the back-to-school clothes shopping mode I've rounded up a bunch of cute and affordable options for elementary boys and girls below! Tap the picture to go to the links!

Thanks for reading! I hope this school year is filled with fun and great memories! 



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